Carpet Cleaning Must Be Done By Professionals

Carpet Cleaning Must Be Done By ProfessionalsWe all love to have a fresh carpet to walk on at every moment. Yet, it happens so that it can be soiled from our everyday use or spilling of liquid or food on it. This is when most customers grab the detergent bottle and start brushing all out.

Other times people also tend to follow the advice of friends and family of how to get rid of stains using natural ingredients that can counteract the stain. And this is when every crumbles down in pieces. Instead of removing the stain it seems that locks in the fibres and even decolourises the area that has been treated. A good intention with a disastrous outcome.

When choosing a carpet one must always consider the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. They are always clear and strict and often request professional clean every few months. The types of fibres of each carpet are the ones to consider when booking a professional clean. The specific mix or 100% source material determines what exactly can and cannot be used. Random treatments can easily damage the fibres, break their chain of structure and altogether cause more problems than the existing one. In order to prolong the carpets life and make it more durable, one must always have an expert advice.

There are two major cleaning techniques that professionals use based on the source material or the carpets.

  • The hot water extraction – also called Steam cleaning is applied to the majority of the carpets (those with mixed fibres and purely synthetic origin). It involves water under high pressure and professional detergents streamed simultaneously on the carpet. They dissolve all dirt and bacteria and are immediately extracted just a few seconds later. Any hard or stubborn stains are pretreated at first so that they can easily be removed with the steam and detergent.  A powerful and effective way it is the most preferred and offered service by carpet cleaning companies.
  • Dry cleaning – a method of clean that is applied to only 100% natural materials. It involves as minimal amount of moisture as possible. Usually, natural fibres are very sensitive to water – they can shrink, discolour or break. That is why this method uses a solution of a detergent for dry cleaning and a little water to blend it in. Then all of that is spread on the carpet, where it is left to react to all the dirt. In a short period of time, the solution crystallizes, locking the dirt inside and can easily be extracted. Since the material of the carpet is very delicate, so is the cleaning – meaning that any hard stains will need more attention and the process must be re-applied in a week or so for a good final result.

Whatever the carpet is, we at UltraClean can provide the solution you need. We pride ourselves on using only latest technologies and only environment caring products. We shall send a team of experts on site, that will save up customers the travel expenses and always serve the top quality we advertise. Find out more on our Carpet Cleaning page.

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