Major Appliance Maintenance Tips

Major Appliance Maintenance TipsYou use them every day, but it happens that they are constantly neglected in the regular cleaning routine. Most people tend to clean all of them from the outside only, especially when they do not see what is inside. The major problem with the appliances is that they tend to accumulate not only dirt but odours as well. This is the reason why they should be sanitised on regular basis.
We have tried to make a simple systematised list how to clean them in and out. We have put in the use of only natural cleaning materials, but it is totally up to you to have the cleaning done with detergents of your choice.

Oven – mix half a cup of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of water and create a paste, then cover all internal parts of the oven. Let it sit overnight and in the morning wipe it all up with a clean cloth soaked in vinegar. This routine should be done monthly. The oven is the appliance that accumulates mostly odours. The baking soda serves as a natural neutralizer of all smells, whilst removing grease and grime.

Refrigerator – needs to be cleaned once every 6 months. It is vital to take out every piece of food. Then remove the shelves and soak them into a water and soda solution. Remember to dry out all the insides before placing everything back. To preserve the freshness inside and to stop the food from interlocking smells, you can place a small bowl of baking soda or ground coffee on the door. It will absorb all odours, instead of having them mix and be absorbed by the items inside.

Dishwasher – once a week you can fill a cup with distilled white vinegar and have the dishwasher run its full cycle. It is vital to have the temperature to the maximum. Also, do not forget to clean all food leftovers, that might have gotten inside daily.

Washing machine – clean monthly with a solution of hot water and vinegar by wiping down the insides and soaking the washing powder socket. Also once in a while, it will be good to set it to the longest cycle on maximum temperature. This can be done without any detergent and simply nothing but the hot water. This will help to dissolve any fibres inside and getting them into the sewer fasted without the possibility of clogging.

Tumble dryer – once every month use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the leftover from the fluff. Also, apply the solution of hot water and vinegar to the insides – and do not forget the lint trap. Leave the door open from time to time, to prevent the steam damaging the inside – a lot of air proves well for any appliance that works with water.

Microwave – the smallest of the appliances is may be easiest to clean. Simply put a bowl of half a cup of soda and 1 cup of water and heat for 5 minutes. Let sit for another 10 and then wipe down with a clean cloth. Another hack is to cover all food that is to be re-heated with a lid to avoid future scrubbing.

No matter the frequency, the cleaning should be done regularly and efficiently. Should you not want to do it – just rely on our professional cleaning company in Chelsea to do so and enjoy your free time!

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