Wine On Carpets – Deal With It

Wine stains on carpet - deal with them

Stains happen very often. Yet, people still do not know how to deal with them, or at least what to use to prevent the stain from locking into the carpet fibres.

Read on to learn how to proceed with the wine stains.

1.  The Salt

Quite often a dry stain is much more difficult to deal with. Yet, a re-wetting the stain before removal is very helpful, especially when using the salt-method. The salt always needs to be applied on wet stain – that is a must!

  • To wet it again use a small amount of water.
  • After that, generously apply a large amount of salt, to the entire stained area. The salt will suck out the moisture while drawing out pigment and other discolourations alongside.
  • Be sure to leave the salt overnight. It will most definitely turn pinkish.
  • On the next day just scoop up the salt and discard it, then vacuum up any remainings. The stain should be greatly reduced in size or completely gone.

2. The Vinegar

The vinegar method is one of the oldest home remedies used nowadays.

  • For the mix use 1 tbsp of white vinegar, 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid, and 2 cups of warm/hot water and a large bowl. It is imperative to apply only white vinegar as other types (apple cider for example) can lead to further damage.
  • Soak the stain, and dab, but do not scrub! The mix will loosen up the stain. Then with a secondary dry cloth rag to absorb the liquid, while continuing to blot.
  • When mostly removed, soak a third cloth in cold water this time and press it on. This will further loosen up and completely remove the wine.

3. The Dish Soap or Hydrogen Peroxide

Always have in mind that Hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleaching agent and WILL discolour the dark carpets. Use with precaution.

  • Mix some dish soap with a very generous squirt of hydrogen peroxide. Soak a cloth corner in the solution and apply to the red wine stain. Then dab it gently, allowing the solution to soak in.
  • Let it stay a few minutes. Meanwhile, fill a spray bottle with a cold water and dish soap solution and spray down the entire stain. Blot afterwords with a dry towel.
  • Finally, blot with a third cloth or towel to remove everything from the carpet.

4. Call a Professional

When it comes to removing wine stains from carpet, you are often left with no other choice but to rely on a professional cleaning service. They have access to methods of removing dried red wine stains from carpets that are especially useful – steamers, specific cleansing agents, and many more. And the risk of damaging the fibres will not be relevant as they are the experts.

So why not, save all the fuss and just call someone in?!

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